Two Degree Programme

Two Degree Simultaneously Programme Approved In India Konw All FAQs And Answers Here Check All Related UGC Guidlines

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Two Degree Programme

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Two Degree Programme

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently allowed two degree courses to be taught simultaneously. Along with this, the UGC has also issued guidelines for doing two degrees simultaneously.

According to the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission, students can enroll in two degree programs from this session. As per the announcement of UGC, any student can continue his studies by choosing two different courses based on his interest.

However, many questions must be arising in the minds of the students regarding doing two degrees simultaneously. In this news, we are giving the answer of every important question arising in the mind of lakhs of students about doing two degrees simultaneously in simple words. Let’s know-

Whether both degree or one degree and one diploma is exempted from selection?

As per the guidelines issued by the UGC, these can be both degree programmes, or one degree and one diploma programme. Not only this, the UGC informed that in line with the objectives stated in the new National Education Policy, we are trying to provide many options in higher education to the students.
Whether they are online based or offline mode. At the same time, there are many students who do B.Sc. Science or B.Com and have interest in history, then they can now do BA, B.Sc or B.Com along with their studies. This will save time.

Will the studies be online or in offline mode?

The demand for online education courses has increased rapidly since the Corona period. Under this, students can enroll in two physical degree programs simultaneously. But the timing of both the classes should be different. At the same time, there is also one physical mode and other in open distance mode among other options.
That is, the student studies in offline mode from one university and then through distance education from another. At the same time, there can be one physical mode program and other one is online program. Or both programs can be done in online mode also.

Is admission to two degree courses compulsory?

No. Admission to two degree courses is not mandatory. This is a kind of relaxation that if you want to do, you can do two degrees simultaneously. By doing this you will have to work harder but will save your valuable time.

Will there be any difference in the assumptions of the two degrees?

No, there will be no significant difference in the degree of both the courses. The degree will be accepted equally as before. Just earlier you could do a course from a college or university. Now two courses from two colleges or two universities can be done simultaneously.

When will the two degree courses be implemented?

As per the announcement of the UGC, the relaxation has been given to do two degrees. In such a situation, now it is for the students to decide when they want to take admission in another course. If you want, you can take admission in this session.

Is this rule applicable to all universities?

No, there is a policy exemption to allow two degrees at the same time. It is optional for all. Any university can enroll its students in two programs each. However, for such students there should not be any clash between the timings of classes of both the courses.

Is there any special qualification required for this?

No, there is no special qualification to do two degrees together, but for admission in a university or college, one should have passed 12th. Whereas for masters programs graduation is a must.

How will the attendance be managed in these?

The two degree courses can be in both online and offline mode. Therefore, regarding their attendance, the university can fix its own level.

Can I do post graduate degree along with graduation?

No, graduate level students can join undergraduate level courses and masters i.e. post graduate students can join the equivalent master’s degree program only.

What are the rules for admission?

Admission rules for two simultaneous degrees may be based on different course criteria for different universities.

Can I enroll in two different faculties?

Yes, that is possible. Any student can enroll in Arts degree course with commerce. Or while graduating in science, he can also graduate from the faculty of arts or commerce.